Haus am Bach, Austria, 12.3.2016

Hello, hello!

The winter snows have melted, so it’s time for us to start hitting the road again. And with great touring comes great (or maybe mediocre) blogging.

This weekend we had the honour of returning to one of our favourite places in the world – the Austrian hippie paradise known as Haus am Bach. This was our 4th time playing there, and we already can’t wait to go back! I love Haus am Bach so much that if it were a girl, I would take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

But that comes later. Because first it is time for some social awareness work.

We started our weekend by going to a peaceful rally promoting tolerance in Kranj. Lately Slovenia has

Luka B. is all about love

Luka B. is all about love

seen a sharp rise in xenophobia, hate, and right-wing extremism. That is not only dangerous and bad for everyone, but outright ignorant. So we went to show our support of love and equality. We are not politically active in any way. We do not support any sort of extremist movements, no matter what the cause. But this isn’t about politics, this is about respect, solidarity, and not letting demagogues turn us against each other. The only people that benefit from hate are politicians, corporations, and other agents of darkness. Life is love. Love is light.

Nowhere is the power of solidarity more apparent than in Haus am Bach. It is a community of people working together to create beautiful things. It is a house in the middle of the Austrian countryside, no cities nearby, where the community comes together in celebration of life. We are honoured to be a part of their celebrations on quite a regular basis.

When we arrived in Haus am Bach we could immediately feel the good vibez flowing around the place. Our friend and organiser of this event, Petra, was all smiles and good humour, as always. She gave us beer and food. The 2 things we absolutely need. If you are a concert organiser you should know one thing: every band that comes to play at your venue is going to arrive hungry (if they’re not locals). Feed them as soon as possible. When you arrive at the venue and delicious homemade food is waiting for you, you know you’re gonna have a good time.

The other band. Big up for Austrian roots reggae!

The other band. Big up for Austrian roots reggae!

We met the dudes and dudette that were playing before us, and our old friend Gunther, who would be our sound technician. He told me all about his new digital mixer and I was happy to listen 😀 Mixers happen to interest me also, and it was a pretty good one. Pretty soon, the first band started to play.

They played an acoustic style of reggae. Austrian roots reggae 😀 Their singer was super into it, which was nice to see. His facial expressions while singing were priceless. I thought to myself: “here is a guy that truly feels the spirit of Jah.” Good vibez in the air!

Then it was time for us to take the stage. We were once again playing with a replacement guitarist, because Fazo’s broken hand still hasn’t healed. This time we had Bor Zakonjšek on the guitar. Bor is an amazing musician, but we didn’t really have a lot of time to practice together, so some things were still a bit iffy. The atmosphere in Haus am Bach is so relaxed though, that none of us were worried about the performance. We just went up there and did our best. The event in Haus am Bach was of a private nature, so there really weren’t that many people, and they were mostly older. But let me tell you, ain’t noone can dance like a white-haired hippie can dance 😀

Bor the next day, still at Haus am Bach

Bor the next day, still at Haus am Bach

We played our set and went for a beer. The beer was free. Not just for us, but for everyone there, all night. Thank you Petra! But something was still missing. We had played for an hour and a half, and probably a bit longer than that even, but I was still feeling the itch to play. Some of the other guys too. So we asked Gunther if we can have a jam session and he was all for it. Time for some experimental music!

When we play as a band, we play a progressive style of reggae. When we jam without the whole band, we just throw out the reggae and go fully weird. The jam lasted somewhere between one and two hours. I don’t really know, because I was completely sucked into the world of weird-ass synths. It was super super fun, and the people seemed to appreciate it. It also helps when you have an amazing drummer… and when it was time to switch, Bor sat behind the kit. He is an even more amazing drummer.

After the jam there was plenty of free beer and good company to go around. Good times.

The next day we were invited to Petra’s place for brunch. This was no small feat on her part, as we brought a bunch of friends with us, so there were 14 of us there! (there are 7 people in our band)

Easy brunchin'

Easy brunchin’

Petra’s house is a thing of beauty. Just being there makes you feel good. She also has a really nice dog and two cats. Hurray for animals! 😀 Words can’t do it justice, so just go look at the few photos at the bottom of this post. Actually, photos can’t do it justice either, because they can’t capture the friendliness and love we were feeling.


Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles

After hanging out for quite a while, we hit the road back to gloomy, xenophobic Slovenia. But there were great things in store for us yet, as Ozric Tentacles were playing at our HQ in Trainstation Subart. Those of us that still had some gas left in the tank (and 13€ in our pockets for admission fees) went to listen to some crazy spacy psy rock. I thought our jam session was trippy, but that was before I saw Ozric Tentacles. Towards the end of their gig the guitar/synth player asked in his British accent: “Haven’t you got enough space sounds?” No, Mr. Psyman, keep those synthesizers roaring 😀

Raggalution in Haus am Bach, March 2016